Stok Kangri Trek – Ladakh Expedition

Ladakh is the most beautiful northern state of India that is popular among tourist for empathy and support of its inhabitants. Situated at the great height of 3500-3800 mt of sea level, Leh, the capital of Ladhak, is the most attracting point for the trekking lovers. Not only for its geographical position, but trekkers are fascinated by the raw beauty they experience walking through mountains. Stok Kangri in Leh is the most attractive trekking point of the zone. Stok Kangri encompasses the true Himalayan beauty, deserted surroundings and thorough silence where you can hear your own heartbeat. This trek provides the opportunity to experience some amazing scenes of nature. Walking on the ridge, you might experience a sudden change in the surroundings and that are the best parts of this trek where you can witness the sudden transformation of the nature.


About the Trek

The Stok Kangri trek begins with the arrival at Leh from Delhi. You will require some time to get habitual with the climate and atmosphere of the place. This whole trek comprises natural beauty of magnificent and flourishing green trees. Your trek gives you one full day to grasp this natural beauty. Day third is the day when you will have to reach Changa Ma. Next day destination is Mankorma. Fifth day you will reach at Base Camp. Base Camp is situated in the grassy field and to stay a night in tents will give immense pleasure to everybody. Again, you will rest for a whole one day and your guide will provide you complete knowledge of the climate changes of the weather. From here, you will walk for your final destination of the trek Stok Kangri. It is situated at the height, and you will walk for around 9-10 hours, to reach there. Standing at the top of the ridge, you can view Zansker Range at your south and Karakoram Range to your north. To your front, you will see the extensive ground, and at your back, the mighty Mountain will provide you the regal feel. After spending some time with the nature, you have to climb down and reach Base Camp before sunset. You will reverse your journey to reach your home again. This trek is undoubtedly the most amazing treks.


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